About the SAST


About the South African Surf Tour

From 2002 to the end of 2016 the Surfing South Africa Pro Surf Tour (PST) was a feature of the South African surfing landscape.

Going forward the PST will become the South African Surf Tour (SAST)


The objective of the SAST is to run a robust a domestic surf tour primarily for girls and boys in the U10 to U16 Divisions. The SAST will also cater for the U18 Division if this division is not included as a WSL rated event.

Surfing South Africa will use the SAST to continue to develop a competitive attitude of young South African surfers and use the mechanics of the SAST to prepare these   surfers for competition in World Surf League events.

Every SAST contest will be a replica of WSL events, from the ratings points awarded to the creation of a dynamic rankings list which will be updated after each contest. All SAST tournaments will include the winning of prize money and prizes.


In order to determine the annual SAST Champions in each division points will be allocated based on the rating of each event. SAST events will be rated from 1A upwards. The higher the rating the more points awarded.

At the end of each year 70% of the contests will be used to determine the final adjusted ratings. In divisions where there have been five contests or less all the ratings points earned will count.

The top three surfers in each Division after the ratings have been fairly adjusted at the end of each year and will be named the South African Surf Tour Champions in their respective divisions.

The division winners will be awarded a gold medal, the SAST Floating Trophy and a portion of the annual prize pool. Surfers who end second and third in their divisions will receive a silver and bronze medal respectively.



In the case of U18 Girls and Boys (Pro Junior) and the Open Men and Women’s Divisions, the WSL points earned in the contests that they compete in within South Africa will be converted to SAST points.

These points and any points earned in an SAST rated event will be used to create a rankings list so that the SAST Champions can be crowned in these divisions at the end of each year.

The Champions in these four categories will also share a portion of the prize pool which is generated by the income from each SAST event held.

Some of the events on the SSA Events calendar are Specialty SAST Contests. These do not earn ratings points but offer prize money or equivalent. Surfers must be members of the SAST to compete in SAST Specialty events

Refer to the 2017 SAS Surf Tour Operations Manual to see the ratings points and prize money allocation in SAST events.


In order to compete on the SAST all surfers must affiliate to the SAST and make the R400 affiliation fee payment. This can be done online at www.surfingsouthafrica.co.za

Surfers in the Pro Junior and Open Men & Women’s Divisions who will be competing in WSL events must also join the SAST and pay the relevant affiliation fee of R400 if they wish to be part of the SAST ranking system or compete in SAST Specialty events.

A portion of the Affiliation Fees and Entry Fees paid to SSA will be used to present SAST contests at various venues around the country.



  • Affiliation to the SAST is in South African Rands.
  • Numerous SAST events are held around South Africa each year.
  • These are listed on the SSA Events Calendar which can be viewed on www.surfingsouthafrica.co.za
  • The SAST caters primarily for girls and boys in the U10 to U16 categories but will include U18 Divisions when these are not catered for by the WSL.
  • WSL points earned in the WSL Pro Junior as well as Open Men & Women Divisions will be converted to SAST ratings points so as to create an SAST ratings system for these divisions.
  • Paid up SAST members may enter and compete in any SAST event; however surfers wishing to compete in WSL events will need to affiliate to the WSL independently.
  •  Every surfer who competes in a recognized SAST event earns ratings points and will win prize money if they reach the money rounds in SAST contests..
  • The SAST ratings may be used as a guideline when National Squads are selected by Surfing South Africa.
  • Annual  Division Champions will be recognized by Surfing South Africa and will receive a share of the prize pool. The second and third placed surfers in each division are also recognized.
  • LUCKY DRAW: Every paid up member of the SAST will be included in a quarterly random draw. A prize worth up to R500 will be won each quarter.

Winners will be announced in mid April, mid July, at the SA Junior Championships in October and in the first week of December.