About the Surfing South Africa Pro Surf Tour

The Surfing South Africa (SSA) Pro Surf Tour (PST) became a feature of the South African surfing landscape in 2002.

The objective of the PST then was to introduce a domestic professional surfing tour for male and female surfers unable to compete on the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series.

The ASP WQS events begin as 1 stars and go up to 6 stars. Affiliation to the ASP as well as entry fees is in US dollars and prize money is paid in dollars.

 The PST events start as 1A and go up to 6A.

Affiliation to the PST as well as entry fees are in South African Rands and the prize money is paid in Rands.

In fact the PST is a replica of the ASP WQS in that surfers are allocated the same ratings points per grading as the ASP allocates to its WQS contests.

To see exactly how the points and prize money is allocated go to and read through the PST Operations Manual.

The ASP is an international company that runs the World Surfing Tour. Its HQ is in Australia.

 The PST is a property of Surfing South Africa, the recognised governing body for surfing in South Africa.

 The ASP limits its events to Men, Women, Pro Junior Boys & Girls and Longboarding.

 The PST caters for Men, Women, Under 20 Boys & Girls (Pro Junior), Under 16 Boys & Girls, Under 14 Boys & Girls, Under 12 Boys & Girls and Longboarding.

 Numerous PST contests are held each calendar year and these are listed on the SSA Event Calendar which can be found on the Surfing South Africa website.

Why should South African surfers join the PST?

 Joining the PST has numerous benefits:

  • Surfers who affiliate prior to the end of February each year receive a free subscription to ZigZag magazine.
  • Members of the PST get to compete in all PST events and earn rating points from Round One.
  • Prize money is paid out to semi finalists and finalists in 1A to 3A events and from quarter finals in 4A to 6A events.
  • Being ranked on the PST enables surfers to approach sponsors with a definitive outline of their success.
  • Surfing South Africa refers to the PST rankings when selecting surfers for National Trials.
  • Surfers who win the Men’s, Women’s and Pro Junior Boys & Girls Divisions each year are crowned as PST champions.
  • This ceremony takes place at the SA Open in Port Alfred in December each year.
  • These four surfers share a prize pool of up to R20, 000 which is generated by the number of PST events held each year.