Surfing history was made in Rabat, Morocco on Saturday November 25th when the African Surfing Confederation (ASC) became a constitutional entity.

The Inaugural Meeting was hosted by the Moroccan Surfing Federation and was attended by delegates representing surfing organisations from South Africa, Senegal, Cape Verde Islands, Ivory Coast and Madagascar.

Surfing South Africa was represented by its President, Johnny Bakker and Colin Fitch, WSL Africa’s Operations Manager, attended as an observer.

The main objectives of the meeting were to ratify the carefully crafted ASC Constitution and elect office bearers.

Other primary objectives of the African Surfing Confederation will be to promote surfing on the African continent and to represent the interests on individual African surfing federations.

With this in mind, the ASC will encourage the formation of new surfing federations within Africa and assist them to become members of the International Surfing Association thus adding membership to both the ASC and the ISA.

The elected ASC Executive Committee is made up of President, Mr. Mohammed Kadmiri (Morocco), First Vice President, Mr.Johnny Bakker (South Africa and 2nd Vice President, Mr. Omar Seye (Senegal).
The Executive Committee will include a Secretary General (Morocco), a Treasurer (Senegal) and a deputy Treasurer (Morocco) and these elected officials are elected on a four year term.
The ASC offices will be based in Rabat, Morocco

One of South Africa roles in the organisation will be to provide technical support and advice and to provide ISA Courses for the training of judges and coaches.

Delegates also discussed the possibility of holding an inaugural African Surfing Cup of Nations in Morocco during the last quarter of 2018.

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