The boys in the South African surfing team posted mixed results on the opening day of the 2017 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship which was held in light winds and small hip to shoulder high waves at Okuragahama Beach in Hyuga, Japan earlier today (Sunday).

The quartet in the 18-and-under division all advanced to Round 2 of the Main Event stream while two of the four U16 boys were relegated to the cutthroat Repercharge stream in the double elimination format being used at this event.

The record breaking participation of teams from 41 nations and 306 athletes means that competition will be run on two podiums simultaneously and on Day 1 the first 30 heats of U18 boys Round 1were run in front of Podium 1 while the same amount of heats for U16 boys were run at Podium 2

Joshe Faulkner (Jeffreys Bay) led the way for the SAU18 boys, winning his opening encounter with a heat total of 14.17 out of 20. Koby Oberholzer (Warner Beach) and Ethan Fletcher (Kommetjie) both finished second behind New Zealand opponents in their respective match-ups before Adin Masencamp (Strand) posted rides of 8.17 and 6.33 to win his clash in the final heat of the day.

The Kommetjie duo of Eli Beukes and Max Elkington both slumped to uncharacteristic fourth place results and will have to take the long route through the U16 boys Repercharge rounds where they face elimination if they do not end in the top two in any future heat.

Dellin Hendricks (Jeffreys Bay) raised the spirits of his teammates by grabbing the runner-up berth in his first ever ISA World Junior Championship event, before Luke Slijpen, another U16 boys debutant, restored some pride win a convincing victory in his opener.

The Day 2 schedule sees the U18 and U16 girls get their campaigns underway on Monday, followed by the boys Main Event Round 2 heats. Competition gets underway at 7am (local time – 12 midnight South African time) on Monday morning.

All the action on Podium 1 will be streamed live on and from September 24 – October 1.

The 2017 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship runs until Sunday 1 October when the top four in each individual division, plus the top four national teams will be awarded Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper medals.

Results – South African heats on Day 1 (Sunday 24 September)


U18 Boys Round 1


H 2 Competitor Info Pts P
  Joshe Faulkner RSA 14,17 1
  Elliott Brown NZL 7,33 2
  Mauro Pacitto ITA 5,20 4
  Juan Pablo Yanez ECU 6,67 3


H 15 Competitor Info Pts P
  Koby Oberholzer RSA 10.43 2
  Jonas Tawharu NZL 12.17 1
  Ben Calum Larg SCO 5.87 4
  Andres Duran ECU 7.97 3


H 19 Competitor Info Pts P
  Ethan Fletcher RSA 9.6 2
  Kehu Butler NZL 15.66 1
  Peter H M Laing SCO 2.4 4
  Joshua Marcillo ECU 6.07 3


H 30 Competitor Info Pts P
  Adin Masencamp RSA 14.5 1
  Jared Gebert NZL 10.67 3
  Giulio Caruso ITA 8.73 4
  Alex Suarez Bazan ECU 12.8 2


U16 Boys Round 1


H 2 Competitor Info Pts P
  Eli Beukes RSA 3,70 4
  Dylan Preston NZL 11,50 1
  Tao Rodriguez PAN 9,76 2
  Max Michalewski POL 9,23 3


H 15 Competitor Info Pts P
  Max Elkington RSA 9,17 4
  Caleb Cutmore NZL 12,50 2
  Isauro Elizondo PAN 13,77 1
  Kian Martin SWE 11,53 3


H 19 Competitor Info Pts P
  Dellin Hendricks RSA 9,43 2
  Kaya Horne NZL 12,90 1
  Luis Carlos Lopez PAN 8,70 3
  Eliott Perrochon PAN 4,43 4


H 30 Competitor Info Pts P
  Luke Slijpen RSA 11,83 1
  William Van Der Beek NZL 9,24 2
  Nikita Petrov RUS 3,97 4
  Adam Warchol POL 8,23 3

Adin Masencamp (Strand) on his way to victory in his Round 1 heat at the VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championships in Japan Photo: ISA / Reed



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