Surfing South Africa Constitution


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Updated: July, 2016

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This constitution, together with duly authorized amendments and addendums thereto, shall be that of Surfing South Africa which is recognized as the governing body for Surf Riding inSouth Africa. SSA is made up of Surfing South Africa (SSA), SA Longboard Surfing Association (SALSA), SA Bodyboarding Association (SABA), Union of Students Surfing Association of South Africa (USSASA) & SUPSA ( Stand Up Paddle Surfing South Africa).


The effective date of the constitution shall be that of the first Annual General Meeting of Surfing South Africa held on June 2nd 2001, all the provisions hereof having been duly ratified and adopted at such meeting.


In this Constitution, unless the context otherwise indicates, and/or unless inconsistent with the context:

“SSA” shall mean Surfing South Africa.

“Annual report” shall mean the report submitted by the President to the Annual General Meeting of SSA and shall include such other reports by any members of the Board of Directors, which the Board of Directors considers should be presented in such Annual General Meeting.

“Club” shall mean those clubs in good standing, which are affiliated to a provincial organization.

“Permanent Member” shall mean those members of the Board of Directors appointed in terms of clause 27.1 hereof.

“Member” shall mean those provincial organizations and national associations affiliated to SSA

“National Association” shall mean those organizations, which have been constituted to represent specific groupings of members who have interests, based on either a qualified membership or otherwise, but whose interest is related to surfing, namely the SA Bodyboarding (SABA), SA Longboarding (SALSA), United Students Surfing Association of South Africa (USSASA) and Stand Up Paddle Surfing South Africa (SUPSA).

Provincial Organization” shall mean those organizations in good standing, which are affiliated to SSA, and who control all aspects of the sport of surfing at provincial level, provided that any provincial organization affiliated to the United Surfing Council of South Africa immediately prior to the effective date shall be deemed to be a provincial organization for the purpose of this constitution.

“Surfing” shall mean the act of riding an ocean or man made wave on a surfboard of any size or dimension whilst in a standing position, and “surfer” shall have a corresponding meaning.

“Surf riding” shall mean the act of riding an ocean or man made wave on any type of board whilst in a standing, kneeling or lying position.

“Year” or “Financial Year” shall mean the period of one-year ending on 31 March each year.


Notwithstanding anything herein contained to the contrary, words importing the singular number shall include the plural, and vice versa, and words importing the masculine gender shall include females, and words importing persons shall include bodies corporate.

Download the full SSA Constitution below:
SSA CONSTITUTION as at July, 2016