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Surfing South Africa is the recognized governing body for the sport of surfing in South Africa and is a member of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC), which, along with Sport and Recreation South Africa, (SRSA), controls all sport in South Africa.
Surfing South Africa is also a member of the World’s governing body for the sport, the International Surfing Association (ISA).

SSA is responsible and accountable for all aspects of surfing in South Africa, from entry-level participation to the management of the Pro Surf Tour (PST).

Provincial bodies as well as the SA Longboarding Association, the SA Bodyboarding Association and the SA Students Surfing Association are affiliated to Surfing South Africa. (See Contact list).

SSA caters for boys and girls at all levels and every ability from as young as under eight years of age to over 65 years of age. Surfing South Africa is also responsible for the selection of all recognized National Teams, the presenting of National tournaments as well as the arranging and holding of administrators, coaches and adjudicators courses. Surfing South Africa is responsible and accountable for the transformation and development of the sport of surfing. Surfing South Africa is an autonomous, democratically run sports organization, which is governed by its Constitution. It is bound by the policies and criteria laid down by Sport and Recreation SA and the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee which is the statutory arm of the Ministry of Sport.

Policies such as those on transformation and development, the national teams selection process, approval of national team colours, constitutionality, international acceptance and good governance are among the criteria expected to be adhered to by those sporting bodies which are recognized by the Minister and his Department.
Surfing South Africa is a founding member of the International Surfing Association.

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