Date: 14 January 2022


Surfing South Africa (SSA) is the official governing body for the sport in South Africa. SSA is a member of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and the International Surfing Association (ISA). Surfing South Africa is recognized by the National Department of Sport, Arts and Culture as the governing federation for the sport of surf riding in South Africa.

Why become a member of SSA?

SSA membership is open to the entire surfing community which includes Shortboarders, Longboarders, SUP surfers, Bodyboarders, Para Surfers Kneeboarders as well as event officials.

Recreational surfers and visiting surfers are welcome to become members of SSA. In fact anyone is welcome to register as a member.

SSA is mandated in terms of its Constitution to look after all aspects of our surfing community and this includes not only issues specific to the competitive side of the sport but also the development of the sport, the interests of surf related businesses, our environment and having a say in the protection of our surf breaks.

Using the strength of our membership, we will be able lobby against any proposed or imposed regulations that restrict or limit the rights of all surfers, competitive or recreational, to enjoy their sport.

We will also work with likeminded sporting bodies that share our interests to achieve our objectives such as Canoeing SA and Lifesaving SA.

The effectiveness of achieving these objectives is dependent on the strength of our mandate and our mandate is derived from our membership. We have limited resources but with a strong and dynamic membership we can and will take a stand on matters that affect our sport.

Your membership is not a licence to surf. It is not the intention of SSA to control surfing through individuals having to purchase annual licences. Our belief is that surfing should always include both a competitive and recreational side.

The annual Membership Fee will be split 50/50 between SSA and the member’s elected, geographic district or discipline.

The SSA Membership Fee is exclusive of any fees that districts or disciplines may wish to levy in addition to their share of the SSA membership.

SSA simply wishes to be a legitimate and strong voice looking after the interests of all of surfriding in South Africa and to do this we need to have a formal membership structure.                              

Competitive Surfing Membership

Individuals who wish to participate in SSA sanctioned events (which include WSL events) and contests are required to become registered members of SSA and be in possession of a current, electronic Membership Card.

Registered surfing members who pay this membership fee will not be required to pay an SAST fee in 2022.

Entry Fees to compete in school, club, district, provincial, national and international events that all fall under the auspices of SSA will need to be paid as required as specified for events that they compete in.

Athletes and officials who have not registered as SSA members via the online electronic platform on will not be permitted to participate (as a competitor or official) in any surf riding events or contests that take place in South Africa.

This includes club, school, district, provincial, national, international, WSL Africa and virtual domestic events that are held in South Africa.

Annual Membership Fee – Online Process

The maximum 2022 membership fee is R300 and should be made online via Payfast once the requested information has been completed. The online membership form automatically takes you to the payment option. If no payment is made no card will be generated and emailed to the member. Once a card has been emailed, there can be no refunds made. Districts and disciplines are requested to contact SSA at if they wish to make different payment arrangements on behalf of their members.

Athletes and officials who identified as part of District and SSA’s transformation programmes are required to register as members but are not required to pay a membership fee.

Membership will last until January 2nd 2023. This applies to athletes and officials in all disciplines.

Registered members will be provided with an electronic membership card via email. Each card will reflect the member’s name, ID number, a unique SSA membership number and the expiry date.


Under the current Covid-19 updated Level 1 protocols all beaches in South Africa are open to the public. This means that all forms of surfriding are permitted as long as Covid -19 protocols are adhered to (mask wearing, no gatherings, and social distancing).

Under Covid-19 regulations, SSA is required to retain a database of all its registered members. This requirement is likely to remain in place until such a time as Covid-19 is no longer a threat to the country’s population.

All surfers are requested to abide by the Covid-19 directives when they are permitted to access the ocean.

Mask wearing is mandatory in public (including beaches) in terms of South African law.

  • Members should keep a mask on their person at all times and wear a mask when not in the ocean.
  • Members should sanitize and wash hands with soap and water when necessary.
  • Members should maintain a 1, 5 metre distance while on land.

Members should not gather in large groups at surf spots prior to or after surfing


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