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About the Reef Wetsuits Vic Bay Quad

The Vic Bay Quad was the brainchild of  John Pfaff,  Chairman of  the newly formed South Western Districts Surfing Association. It was held in May 1976 and involved teams from WP, EP and SWD. (It was actually known as the Vic Bay Triangular for the first three or four years.) Although it was scheduled for Vic Bay that year it took place at Wilderness because the surf was too small at Vic.

Over the years Border, Boland and the SA Defence Force competed in this fantastic contest which will always be John’s legacy. John Pfaff and his family have been part of southern Cape surfing for over four decades. This contest, which was not merely a competitive event but also a social get together, is part of John’s surfing legacy and it is only fitting that 2012 will see its revival.

Using a similar format and formula comprising fun, competitiveness and camaraderie 2012 will see many of the surfers who were at that very first event making the journey to Vic Bay to celebrate the event and remember John Pfaff.

The five teams from WP, EP, Boland, Border and Southern Cape, are made up of young and old and surfers can only compete in one division. In line with tradition the first rounds will get under way at midday on Friday August 17th

Social Activities
On Friday evening team members, friends and family will get together for the traditional social function. This will take the form of a “bring n braai” and will take place in the area across from Vic Bay Beach immediately after the last heat of the day.

Musical entertainment in the form of professionals and perhaps a provincial “muso” or two will add a special flavour to the evening.

Special effects
SSA will be creating trophies from each province to present to the winners of each division. These will be presented by each attending province. The Pfaff family will be providing a trophy which will be awarded to the winning team.

The Reef Wetsuits Vic Bay Quad is presented by Surfing South Africa and hosted by Southern Cape Surfing Association.

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