Surf Clubs in SA

All along the coastline of South Africa are thriving and exciting surf clubs affiliated to provincial surf bodies. Please contact the clubs below for more information.

July 2020

How to form a Surf Club (and Sample Constitution)


Step # 1

In order for a Surf Club to be recognized as a Surfing South Africa affiliate, it should satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Hold an inaugural meeting.
  2. Elect officials
  3. Complete and sign a Club Constitution.
  4. Provide the proper contact information for the surf club
  5. Elect a minimum of three Executive members
  6. Submit an application via email to SSA.
  7. Application to include the names, email addresses, phone numbers and physical address for each Executive member.

Step # 2

Submit the following information to SSA to pass on to the appropriate District structure:

  1. Name of Club
  2. Minutes of the inaugural meeting & constitution.
  3. Names of elected committee members

Step # 3

Pay the R500 annual sign- up fee to Surfing South Africa to have the club registered and published on the SSA website as a registered club.

Download the document above for a sample constitution.